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Patio Heater Benefits -Bring Indoors Outside

Depending on where you live in the world, you might find that a patio heater is a luxury you don’t need. If you have a living room, why not shut the doors at the first sign of a breeze and just open them up again when the seasons start to get longer again?

But even Australian’s love getting a bonfire going in the summer, and Norwegian spend most of their winters outside. Surely, there must be a reason behind their madness?

Here’s 5 benefits to owning a patio heater, from health benefits to practical reasons, that will make you a convert.

1. Extend the outdoor season

What’s one of the best part of summer? If you don’t say BBQ, long evening chatting with your friends, or socialising with a loved ones under the stars, then we can’t help you.

Being outside is the best part of summer, and whilst there’s plenty of opportunity to extend the season through exercises and heading off to adventures, there’s also outdoor patio heaters.

They won’t get your heart rate up. But you will be able to cosy up with a glass of mulled wine with friends, staring at the stars and keeping your toes cosy with a portable under-table patio heater.

2. Extend your home and space

Depending on where you live you might have acres of space or, more likely, a modest home that just about fits your family. And if you are really lucky you’ll have a small patio, possibly a large garden, maybe even a little balcony to enjoy in the summer.

And then you close your doors in winter and barely see that space again. And why is that?

Because the cold draws you inside? Well, it doesn’t have to. Most good electric heaters can easily heat at least 15 square meter in space, whilst some gas meters have a range of 50 square meters.

You get a whole new room to entertain and enjoy, or even a cosy nook to get away from the kids with a good book and a glass of wine.

3. Stylish Centre-Piece for your entertainment area

Most people buy garden heaters for their practicality, but did you know that there’s a whole load of beautiful and stylish garden heaters to suit all homes?

If you love having matching pillows and blankets on your sun loungers, you’ll love finding a beautiful garden heater that will add that touch of luxury and class to your garden.

Maybe you want to go old-school and buy a cast iron Chimenea, or maybe you want a modern gas fire pit table where you can entertain and have the glow of embers into the long nights.

You can even get works of art that you use are a fire bowl to give your space some extra drama.

Whatever your setting or budget, you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality.

4. Portability and versatility

Following on from this last point, there are so many different types of outdoor patio heaters in the market, it would be crazy to think that you wouldn’t be able to find something useful.

If you just want a little gas fire pit that you can put on your table for that extra glow, there’s a heater for that.

Maybe you just need a portable gas heater that you can take with you camping or just to warm up your conservatory in the winter? There’s a heater for that too.

It’s not all big machinery that requires a PHD in mechanics, and its not all expensive gas mushroom heaters that require care, love and big gas bottles.

It may just be that you want the best electric heating lamp out there, that you can move around your patio at will, and then put away when you don’t need it.

Don’t let the thought of all the different types overwhelm you.

Read our quick beginners guide to buying a patio heater, find one that you think you’ll like or want, and then start your research.

It’s a purchase you only need to do once, and then you can enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.

5. Get happier in nature

In many Scandinavian countries, and if you go far enough north, you may not see the sun for 6 months of the year. Do they spend the whole time inside hiding away in their homes?

No. Because there’s many advantages to being outdoor, and the biggest one is health.

It’s simply good for your body and mind to spend some time outdoors everyday, especially if it’s cold and dark.

As human beings we crave the fresh air, and it’s good for our mental health to socialise and enjoy nature. Do both at the same time, and it can make a long winter fly by and so much more enjoyable.

And whilst the Norwegian may go a little far by saying that “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes”, they might be onto something when they invented the idea of friluftsliv – or outdoor living.

Take it from them, if they can socialise in minus 32, most of us can get a patio heater and watch the frost envelop our garden from a cosy little nooks.

Why not browse our list of best patio garden heaters and make the most of your outdoor space, today.

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