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Outdoor Storage Racks & Solutions

Hopefully, if you are reading this post you know that outdoor log racks can help you save space, store your wood properly, and ensure you don’t get mould, rot and too many beasties around.

If you are not sure whether to store your wood inside or outside, we will simply say this:

You can, and should, store some seasoned wood by the fireplace for when you want to throw a few logs on the fire pit.

But whether you want a fire pit log holder, or somewhere to store that hickory wood for that sweet-smelling fire pit BBQ or a chiminea, then you are going to need somewhere more appropriate to keep a decent amount of wood around to burn.

We’ve written about the best way to store firewood outside if you want to know more. If you want to buy the best outdoor log storage available, then keep reading.

The Amazon Firewood Rack Bestseller:

The best outdoor firewood storage will:

  1. Keep your wood off the ground
  2. Provide ventilation for the wood from the sides, front and back
  3. Provide shelter from the rain
  4. Allow you to stack your firewood properly up to 4 feet high
  5. Is made of a lasting outdoor material

As such we think that the best outdoor log holder is a lean-to made of treated timber that is easy to assemble. An open slat design ensures plenty of ventilation all around. That same design and a slanted roof ensure that the wood stays protected during the rain.


  • Treated timber makes it weatherproof
  • Wooden design goes nicely with the logs
  • Easy to assemble and place where you want
  • Good value for money
  • Amazon firewood rack bestseller


  • It’s plain and simple treated timber. It won’t win any design awards.

Heavy Duty Firewood Rack

If you are looking for a heavy-duty firewood holder for outdoors, you need one set on a sturdy metal frame, with enough space to rotate your seasoned wood with your green wood. Or you just know that every summer you get through a fire pit a night and bulk buying wood is your cheapest option.

Whatever the case, you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of wood when you get this outdoor log holder you are looking at over 70 cubic feet of space able to support the weight of over 800lbs of wood.

It looks a little more stylish than the wooden designs, but don’t be fooled. This heavy-duty firewood rack is a great outdoor storage solution because it’s been designed for the outdoors in mind, made from durable iron that won’t warp under pressure.

It’s been created to provide the maximum amount of breathability for wood, and the inclined roof will keep off a spattering of rain on the occasional bad weather days. However, if you live in a part of the country where you are likely to be more than just a passing storm, we would recommend you get a cover for any metal log storage.


  • Able to hold over 800lbs or 400kg of wood
  • Durable iron design
  • Max breathability for the wood
  • Inclined shelter for protection from the elements
  • The black metal frame will fit into the design of most patios and gardens


  • You could probably leave it as is it in most summer months, but if you live in colder climes you will need to buy a cover to protect the wood from the constant battering of storms over the winter months.
  • Can be tricky to put together, you will need some basic tools

The Best Firewood Storage Box

Firewood storage boxes are tricky things, because by default when you store wood outside you need ventilation. If you put anything in a box, you keep the air out.

That said, garden storage boxes can be an effective way to store seasoned wood away from the house – it’s the equivalent of putting the wood in a shed or garage, except as it’s plastic, it’s even more weatherproof.

We should point out that these should not be used to store greenwood (ie. freshly chopped wood). The moisture of the wood in the box will simply rot the wood away and attracts ants and termites.

However, as long as you don’t overpack it and keep open space around your wood, these are a great fire pit storage solution to keep kiln-dried log safe and away from the rain and bugs.

Plus not all of us use traditional hardwood. Some of us like to use more eco-friendly firewood options, such as coffee logs, and need somewhere safe to store it.

You also get the added benefit that you can use your garden box to store other useful items as long as you keep them on a separate shelf from the wood.


  • Great multi-purpose garden storage box
  • Lockable for extra security
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Log store with doors


  • Make sure you leave plenty of space around the wood – don’t over pack it
  • Use a shelf to keep your wood and other items separate

The Best Outdoor Firewood Rack with Cover

Believe the hype. If you want a long-lasting outdoor firewood rack with cover, go Woodhaven.

We like this outdoor firewood storage solution because it gives you a lifetime structural warranty on the rack, it’s made in the USA but ships worldwide through Amazon for no extra cost and the seasoned cover will protect the wood come rain, shine, snow or storm.

This is about durability and practicality. You are not buying a garden decoration, you are buying a heavy-duty wood holder for the outdoors.

That’s not to say it’s not attractive in its own way: the black, textured, baked-on powder coat finish gives it a slick design as well as an environmentally friendly finish.

The cover will protect three of the four sides of your rack and wood and is fully removable.


  • A cover for all-weather that matches perfectly the wood rack specifications
  • Heavy-duty steel tubing provides a heavy, strong firewood rack
  • Easy to put together
  • Arc welded end sections creating one of the strongest and stable firewood rack


  • A design made to be practical rather than beautiful

Metal Firewood Racks

We should point out that a couple of our best outdoor firewood racks on this list are made of metal, including the excellent Woodhaven or the heavy-duty wood storage options above.

So for the specification of the person looking for a metal firewood rack, we went for something that’s a little more stylish in mind.

Note though that if you are going to use this metal firewood holder outdoors, you will need to get a cover for it. Or any metal log rack for that matter.

It may be coated with weather-proof paint and made of durable steel, but if left without a cover it will eventually start to rust and ruin your wood. Not to mention that unless you live in the hottest of climates, you will also need to provide your wood with some protection from the elements.

That said, this has the advantage to be easily transportable and fit into a wide range of spaces – so if you want a metal firewood rack to fit in the garage, shed or living room, you may have found a stable and pretty solution.

You can even bring it out under a covered patio in the summer to store Chiminea wood.


  • Open and stylish design
  • Easy to move around when empty
  • Can be placed indoors or outdoors
  • Open design for maximum wood breathability
  • Weather-proof paint
  • Durable steel frame


  • You will need a cover if you plan on storing your wood outside all year round

Log Store with Doors

Log stores with doors are tricky because, by default, if you have a door you have the chance that you’ll keep the moisture inside the cabin and inside the wood being stored.

But that’s not to say they are a bad idea, you just have to use the right one. One with a slanted roof and airflow through the bottom and back of the wood log store is probably a good idea.

A door means you can quickly pop it open on a sunny day to give the wood extra space to breath, rather than mess around with covers. These are rarely too big – they are meant to keep a conservative wood store for those of us who like weekend fire pit parties, rather than nightly fire fans.


  • Timber frame fits in with most garden designs
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Treated wood for all-weather conditions
  • Easy to use: you put the firewood in and can forget about it until you need it
  • Small wood store makes it compact and easy to place anywhere you like


  • You will need to remember to open the door and provide extra ventilation when you are out and about in the garden
  • Usually around a cubic meter of internal space

Can you use a storage shed to store wood?

Yes, you can use a storage shed to store wood, just make sure you stick to the rules of stacking wood – only one layer of wood at a time, and bark side up to ensure moisture can easily escape.

We place this garden storage shed in the log store with doors section because that’s basically what it is. Notice that unlike the storage box, these have slats at the bottom of the shed and is off the ground, allowing for plenty of ventilation.

However, much like the box, we wouldn’t recommend filling the entirety of the shed with wood. But if you want somewhere protected to shelter a couple of bags of seasoned wood next to the garden hose and tools, it’s a great multi-use solution.


  • Open bottom allows plenty of breathability
  • Great for seasoned wood or eco logs that don’t require much upkeep
  • Multi-use for all your garden needs
  • Small and convenient to place by a forgotten spot in the garden


  • Don’t overpack it for wood and make sure you stack your wood correctly, leaving plenty of airflows around.
  • If the wood starts to rot, bugs and beasties will get in no problem

Small Firewood Rack

How small is small? When people ask us for our recommendation of the best small firewood rack we have to ask: how much space have you got?

If you are looking for something to place a bag of logs for your small fire pit patio, that’s completely different to needing a small firewood rack to sit next to the Chiminea whilst most of your wood is stored in the garage.

So we’ve given you two options: one metal and one wood. Pick for your needs.

The best wooden small firewood rack:

You may recognise the design from the Amazon firewood rack bestseller and that’s because it’s a design that works.

You get a slanted roof, weatherproof timber, and plenty of airflow all around. It weighs less than 30kg, so moving it around when empty is easy enough, but it’s really meant to sit in a corner and be forgotten until you light up your fire pit on Saturday night.

This will still hold around 60 to 90 litres of wood, depending on the size of the logs, with a shelf for any smaller kidding and wood.

It’s a classic design that works big or small.


  • Slatted design for maximum breathability
  • good for greenwood or seasoned wood
  • Pressure-treated wood to ensure it stays rot free
  • Extra shelf for added flexibility
  • The shelf can be removed to store more wood


  • Again, not the prettiest, not the ugliest. A classic outdoor fire log holder

The best small metal wood holder:

If you want small, we are going to give you small. This isn’t so much for storage as for easy access and carry around the garden. So say you have a nice spot inside the house, the shed, under the stairs, or the garage, but you are limited in space.

You put one of these slick metal small log stores in a corner and you’ll barely notice it’s there. Then when you need to make a fire, whether in the chiminea outside or the chimney inside, you grab the handle and go.

As this is a list about best outdoor firewood racks, the black-coated elements will be able to withstand mild weather for a while, but it will need to be put inside or under a cover if you want to leave it outdoors for any length of time.

It’s a cute decorative piece to help you carry wood around or that will sit nicely in that nook of the house you don’t know what else to put. If you are the type to make one or three fires a year, this is the firewood holder for you.


  • Easy carry handle means you can bring the wood to your fire pit or BBQ
  • Small and compact so you can store it anywhere you have space
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Modern and contemporary design
  • Keeps wood off the ground and plenty of space for breathability.


  • Should not be left outside without a cover for more than your outdoor party. Ideally place in a shed, garage or even indoors. If not, buy a rain cover or tarp to cover the metal and the wood.
  • For the rare firewood burn

FAQs on wood holder outdoors

Do you still have a few questions about your outdoor firewood storage containers? Have no fear, the staff at OutdoorGardenHeaters.com are here!

Why do I need to keep wood off the ground?

Wood is a living material. It rots when there is moisture around. Dark, cramp, covered spaces create moisture, which leads to rot, bacteria, fungi and wood that won’t burn.

If you keep it off the ground and stack it properly in rows, it will air dry and avoid rot for about 5 to 6 years.

How long do I need to season firewood?

If you buy green wood or freshly chop a tree, you can season your wood by leaving it to air dry in an outdoor log rack for 6 months or more if done properly.

How do I know the greenwood is ready to burn?

It will have gone darker and slightly grey in colour and it should have no moisture when you press it. If in doubt, and you can wait, give the wood a year. If you can’t, cut a kindling out and burn it and check out the smoke level.

Why do you need to season firewood?

A freshly cut log holds 60% moisture. A seasoned or Kiln Dried log will hold around 20% which is an acceptable amount to burn well. The less moisture, the cleaner they burn, and the less smoke you’ll get. Eco logs will hold only 10% moisture or less. They may not be the prettiest, but they will burn the brightest and cleanest.

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What’s the best fire pit log holder?

No matter how you burn your wood, whether in a fire pit, a chimney or a BBQ, you can use the same wood holder outdoors. Personally, we like the small metal wood holder which you can store with your portable fire pit in the shed and bring both out on special occasions.

Where’s the best place to put wood storage outside?

You need to consider two things: Practicality and airflow. Never place outdoor firewood storage straight onto a wall or right by your house. If possible try and find a sunny spot about 20 feet from your door and an inch away from walls. This will ensure the wood stays dry, won’t rot, and if any spiders find your wood log attractive, they’ll stay there rather than find their way to your home.

Is storing firewood outdoors the best option?

Whilst storing a small amount of firewood inside next to your chimney is, of course, practical and stylish, in the long run, you will need something more heavy-duty.

Why? Because buying firewood, whether seasoned or green, is cheaper in bulk. And wood, if not kept properly can rot and attract all sorts of unwanted creepy crawlies into your home. So you can’t just dump a big pile of wood in a corner and hope.

If you plan on putting on a fire every weekend, or every other weekend, whether in summer or winter, you’ll need the space to cover the amount of firewood you need.

And now you have a list of the best outdoor firewood racks to choose from.

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