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Best Gas Patio Heaters

We’ve put together a list of the best gas patio heaters for all size gardens and patios. This is a list for those who have started shopping around and know they want a propane gas patio heater.

Maybe you don’t have an outdoor plug handy and an electric patio heater isn’t an option. Maybe you don’t want the fuss of up-keeping a Chiminea or have decided that gas fire pits are too much hard work.

Whatever your reason, gas patio heaters are popular in restaurants and bars around the world for good reasons – easy to turn on, and giving a warm constant heat throughout the night, they are the perfect way to heat up a large space and making the most of your outdoors.

However, we should point out that none of these come with their own gas cylinders. So if you are considering a certain style, don’t forget to look at what kind of gas you’ll need and add that to your budget.

On the bright side, once you have it, you can refill the gas canister at any handy DIY store around the country.

Our pick of the best gas patio heaters

BU-KO Outdoor Patio Gas Heater – Best Pyramid Patio Heater

BU-KO Outdoor Patio Gas Heater
  • 360 degree heat output
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Waterproof cover
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When it comes to Pyramid outdoor heater there’s no better-reviewed product on Amazon than this BU-KO gas patio heater.

This propane gas heater glows with a warm orange flame that is safely contained within a quartz glass tube. The Pagoda shape reflector on the top allows this unit to radiate heat over a 10-foot radius, making this one of the most efficient heaters on the list.

Far more elegant than your standard mushroom heater, it still provides 360-degree heat whilst meeting the highest safety standards. If the heater is tilted in any way, the gas valve automatically shuts off, so no danger of spillages or burning grass.

At 7.5 feet tall it’s not the smallest of items, but it does come with a waterproof cover and the gas canister hides neatly inside the casing. The 2 back wheels makes it easy enough to move around, and whilst it’s easy enough to assemble it will take a couple of hours of work to ensure it’s safely put together.

Once it’s on your patio, you can keep it out there all year round, although preferably tucked away under cover if you live somewhere with particularly adverse weather conditions.


  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Powerful 360-degree heat
  • Canister safely tucked away
  • Comes with waterproof cover
  • Safety feature means it automatically shuts off when tilted
  • Able to heat up a 10-foot radius heat area
  • Multiple heat setting
  • Two black wheels make it easy to move


  • At 7 foot 5 in height, this is a feature for your patio and there’s no hiding it
  • Takes a few hours to construct
  • Can be kept outdoors all year round, but best tucked away when not in use

Gasmaster Gas Patio Heater – Best Mushroom Patio Heater

Gasmaster Gas Patio Heater
  • Safety cut off feature
  • 5 - 12 KW heat output
  • Free waterproof cover
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This classic shape and style may not be to everyone’s taste, but when you think about natural gas patio heaters, you think of these. They are everywhere, and out of the whole list, are probably the ones that will give you the most heat for your bucks.

There are cheaper patio heaters, but none that will give out 5 to 12KW of heat and burn for 15 to 28 hours on a 13KG gas cylinder.

It comes with its own cover, though it’s not weatherproof so if you don’t have a roof or shed to keep it away from wind and rain you may want to invest in a better cover in the long run. You get ground anchors supplied, meaning it’s great for garden parties and the wheels make it easy to move around.

It has the same great safety feature which will ensure it shuts off when tilted, and whilst it may not be the prettiest, it is the more economical and effective.


  • One of the most economical outdoor gas heater on the market
  • Free cover included
  • Ground anchors make it perfect for gardens and uneven ground
  • If heater tilts more than 20 degrees it automatically shuts off
  • Wheels makes it easy to move around
  • Great heat value for your money – cheap gas patio heater


  • Built to heat, not to look at. This is not the prettiest design for a propane gas heater
  • You may want to invest in a better cover for the long run

Bullet Style Outdoor Heater – best bullet heater

Bullet Style Outdoor Heater
  • Freestanding patio heater
  • Variable 5 - 11KW heat output
  • Compact stainless design
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The industrial design of these Freestanding Bullet Style Outdoor Gas Patio Heater may not be to everyone’s taste, but we’d argue that they are prettier to look at than the mushroom heaters.

This particular design has the advantage that it doesn’t stand as tall as either the pyramid or mushroom heaters, meaning it’s easier to tuck away in a corner and ignore.

Better yet, it will happily guzzle either propane or butane gas bottles, giving you greater choice of natural gas depending on what’s available nearby.

It has adjustable heat range of 5 to 11KW, so not quite as powerful as either of the two heaters above, and will drink up around 800g of gas an hour. Still, in terms of heat output for price, this ticks all our boxes.

The tough metal casing means it’s durable and stable, so it won’t topple over at the slightest wind, and the 2 wheels make it easy to move around. And yes, it also comes with its own cover.


  • Stylish industrial design
  • Doesn’t take up as much space as the pyramid or mushroom style
  • Multiple heat setting of 5 to 11KW
  • Will take up either propane or butane gas cylinders
  • Anti-tilt shut off mechanism included
  • Compact small heater that provides lots of heat
  • Freestanding gas patio heater stable for uneven surfaces


  • Not quite powerful as either the pyramid or the mushroom heater
  • The design will not be to everyone’s taste

Mini Modern Steel Umbrella Propane Patio Heater – Tabletop gas heater

Mini Modern Steel Umbrella Propane Patio Heater
  • Compact design
  • 3KW heat output
  • Anti-tip safety cut off
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If you are looking for a small table top gas heater, then this little stylish reliable heater is perfect for those evenings spent cosying around a table.

It will not heat up a large space or even keep you up late into the night in winter. But if you are having food drinks with friends on a cool summer, autumn or spring evening, this little propane heat lamp can be brought out in a moment and get your warm in minutes.

This tabletop propane heater can generate 3KW of radiant heat, which can warm somewhere around 5 square meters of outdoor heat depending on the kind of cover you have.

For the safety conscience, the advanced heater safety features include accidental flameout protection, a low oxygen sensor and an anti-tip device to shut off the gas supply when horizontal.

A small outdoor propane heater that is efficient and reliable and will keep small children and fur babies safely away from any open flames.


  • Easy to put away and bring out when needed
  • Generates 3KW to provide 5 square meter of space around a table
  • Low oxygen sensor means you can use this in gazebos, conservatories and semi-enclosed spaces
  • Anti-tip device will shut off the heater if fully tilted
  • Efficient and reliable


  • Considering the size and heat range, the full-size mushroom heaters does provide you with more heat for a similar price
  • Not great for a winter gathering

PURLINE Tabletop Biofireplace – Best Bioethanol Fireplace

PURLINE Tabletop Biofireplace
  • Cheap & Portable
  • Runs on bioethanol fuel
  • Great indoors & outdoors
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If you’re not looking to play around with big expensive gas cylinders, wood, or cans of gel? Then this bioethanol fireplace might be for you.

Imply pour a little bioethanol fuel into a container and watch the fire glow long into the night.

This small portable bioethanol tabletop garden heater won’t be giving out huge amount of heat though – this is mostly decorative, with maybe a slight warm glow on a warm summer’s evening.

But it’s easy, inexpensive and chic and you can use it outdoors as well as indoors, so you don’t have to fuss about storing away the free-standing gas patio heater when you can simply move it from table to table.

Think of this little gadget as one that will help you create an atmosphere for your guest rather than heat up your garden, and by far the most eco-friendly gas heater of the lot.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Small and portable, easy to move around
  • Chic and stylish for all tabletop settings
  • Bioethanal fuel is easy to use and economical
  • More environmentally friendly than propane or butane gas
  • Cheap natural gas fireplace


  • Don’t buy for heat. This is decorative and charming and will provide only a warm glow in an indoor setting at best

Netagon Portable Travel Ceramic Gas Heater – Best portable small patio gas heater

Netagon Portable Travel Ceramic Gas Heater
  • Portable & compact
  • Cheap gas heater
  • Easy start ignition
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This little camping heater runs on Butane gas canister which are cheap and easy to buy and install into the back of comportment.

Is it good looking? No. Is it easy to take with you in your car when you need to bring it to the evening park picnics, fishing or camping? Absolutely.

With 1.3KW output, a piezo ignition and heat control knob this little outdoor gas heater has the advantage that you can use it when you need it, even if it’s just on a cool spring evening.

And because it’s portable, Netagon have ensure it’s extra safe with many built in safety features such as a flame failure device pressure safety device, a wire heat guard and flameless infrared radiation pottery.

Better yet, this is the cheapest natural gas outdoor heater on our list, so if you are short on space and cash, get a couple of these and warm the toes of all your guests sitting on your patio.


  • Cheap portable heater, great for camping
  • Easy to start via piezo ignition
  • Flame failure safety cut off
  • Variable heating


  • Not the prettiest of heaters

What is the best gas patio heater?

The best patio heater is the one that will provide you with the most heat, for the best price. Which is why we like the Gasmaster Gas Patio Heater, which may not be the prettiest, but it gives at least 18 hours of heat at the highest setting, and can be placed in any garden, patio, balcony or terrace.

Are gas patio heaters any good?

Gas patio heaters provide a huge amount of heat even on the coldest days, making them perfect for winter patios and entertainment spaces. They are not the most eco-friendly patio heaters, but they are easy to set up, use and will warm up large spaces in no time.

How long does gas last in a patio heater?

It depends on the patio heater. On average a standard size mushroom heater should be able to provide at least 8 hours of heat on a 13KG gas propane gas cynlinder. Some heaters guzzle more gas than others. The Gasmaster Gas Patio Heater can provide up to 26 hours of warmth for the same amount.

Can you use a propane heater under a covered patio?

Propane patio heaters are odourless, but you do burn gas. If you are in a covered area, there is a chance of carbon monoxide buildup, which is why these heaters are recommended for open-air settings. So really it depends on the airflow of the space. If in doubt, why not check out our best electric infrared patio heaters which are perfect for enclosed outdoor spaces.

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