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Best Chimineas Outdoores

Whether you call them Chimineas or Chimeneas, what you are looking for is the same thing: an outdoor fireplace where you can burn wood or coal, get heat, and look good doing it too.

Because, let’s be honest, whilst the growing popularity of fire pits is understandable, if you can avoid smelling of ash and smoke at the end of the night, why wouldn’t you get the best Chiminea around?

Outdoor Chimineas are great not only because they look good, but because they have a purpose. You can use a Chiminea for heating and grilling.

Much like a fireplace indoors, it draws all the smoke out of the top and away from all your guest. They are not always cheap, and they don’t survive all weathers.

Much like any steel BBQ you’ll need to put it under cover and look after it. But if you do, they will give you warmth and comfort for years to come, especially if you pick from our selection of Chiminea patio heaters.

Our pick of the best chimineas to buy

1. Jago Outdoor Chiminea – Top rated chiminea

Jago Outdoor Chiminea
  • Solid cast iron
  • Hinged mesh safety door
  • Large wood burning area
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This is the best Chiminea overall because it ticks all our boxes. It has that stand-out classic design, and it is made of a mixture of cast iron and steel, giving it durability over the winter months.

It has a cover for the chimney and gives you a nice view of the fire through the iron bar gate, with no danger of flying sparks falling out onto your wooden decking.

It’s not huge, measuring a reasonable 108cm, meaning it won’t overpower your entertainment space, and the diameter of 43 cm allows for 3 or 4 logs to burn comfortably.

Some assembly is required, but if you treat it well, this small chiminea will provide a great talking point for all your guest.


  • Elegant and classic Chiminea design
  • Stable base prevents accidental knock overs
  • Come with an fireplace poker and Iron Mesh door
  • Wide enough to provide a real big flame and comfortable outdoor heating
  • Cast iron and steel mix make it affordable, lighter to carry, but long-lasting


  • No Chiminea BBQ facilities
  • Will require a separate cover bought to keep it from rusting if leaving outside

2. Uniprodo Cast Iron Chiminea – Best cast iron chiminea

Uniprodo Cast Iron Chiminea Chimney
  • Durable cast iron
  • Includes rain cover
  • Easy to use
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There’s no doubt that cast iron chimineas are popular for many reasons, the biggest one is durability. With a little upkeep each year, you can have a long lasting outdoor fireplace for years to come.

But it’s not just durability, it’s also good practically. The cast iron absorbs and distribute the heat of the fire evenly, meaning all your guest will enjoy the warmth of this garden chimney, not jus those facing the grate.

If you are looking at ways to warm up frosty autumn night, this is a robust garden chiminea that create very comfortable warmth.

The downside is the size. Standing at just 86cm tall, this is not very big, and that’s on purpose – you need to be able to move it around.

But there is a chance that you place it in the middle of a group of people, someone is getting smoke in their face, so maybe opt for coal or smokeless wood if that’s the perfect position for you.

On the other hand, the open design ensures maximum airflow and heat, and the mesh grating won’t allow any stray embers to fly away. The Uniprodo Cast Iron Chiminea comes with a poker and a waterproof cover to help keep it in top top condition throughout the year.


  • Cast Iron is durable if looked after properly – it won’t crack or bend out of shape
  • Large mesh doors allows for easy access
  • Cast Iron distributes the heat evenly 360 around
  • Sturdy and won’t be knocked over easily
  • Metal grate and long chimney allows for good airflow creating bigger fires with less fuel
  • Included in price is a poker and a rain cover
  • Small chiminea for small gardens and patios


  • At 86cm tall it needs a small area to heat
  • Cast Iron is heavy

3. La Hacienda Linea 2 Piece Clay Chimenea – Best ceramic chiminea

La Hacienda Linea 2 Piece Clay Chimenea
  • Classic Mexican styling
  • Good for small patios
  • Includes cooking grill
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Handmade & hand painted by Artisans in a traditional Mexican style, the Hacienda Linea 2 Piece Clay Chimenea is a work of art that will make a beautiful centre-piece for any patio or garden.

It is available in a multitude of colours, and some may want to go for the classic Terracotta Chiminea, but we prefer this blue and grey tones which gives it a touch of luxury.

The cleverness of this Patio chiminea is that it comes in two pieces, and you can remove the top in order to turn this into a small BBQ to entertain 2 to 4 guests.

Once you are done, simply place the flue back on top and enjoy a warm glowing fire.

However, bear in mind that clay and ceramic Chimineas will crack if not cured and looked after properly.

You will need sand placed at the bottom to protect the clay from the heat and build up the fires from small to large as you season the item.

These are rarely low maintenance, but look beautiful and are effective once you give them a little time and effort.


  • Beautiful centre-piece that is hand-made and hand-painted
  • Classic Mexican Clay Chimenea
  • Stainless steel grate great for BBQ
  • 2 piece pot means dual use – to cook and to warm
  • Small Chimenea at 86cm perfect for small patio


  • We cannot stress this enough: it needs sand at the bottom AND curing/seasoning otherwise the pot will crack. At that point it becomes an expensive flowerpot.

4. Uniprodo Steel Chiminea – Best modern chiminea

Uniprodo Steel Chiminea Chimney Fire Pit
  • Moderns style & durable
  • Offers 360 heat
  • Includes poker & cover
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If all this talk of clay and cast iron has got you rolling your eyes at the old-fashionedness of it all, then we present to you this slick steel Chiminea that stands a tall 120 cm and gives you a 360 degree view of the fire.

The Uniprodo Steel Chiminea comes with a cover which will protect it from the elements, and that’s good enough for something that will stand out and do a wonderful job at warming all your guests.

Steel is just as good as cast iron for providing an even heat, and that 360 mesh grating gives the fire plenty of airflow, with the bonus that everyone gets to feel that crackling fire fluttering on their cheeks, without the burning embers escaping.

You can burn various materials including wood, coal or charcoal and it includes a poker to spread the fuel evenly inside the chiminea fire pit.


  • Slick modern look provides an attractive accent to any terrace or garden
  • Stable legs means it unlikely to tip over
  • Large Chiminea, standing at a tall 120cm length, means smoke is well away from your entertainment area
  • Comes with waterproof cover to protect the chiminea over the winter
  • 360 degree mesh allow for even distribution of the fire
  • 360 degree mesh means everyone gets to enjoy the glowing outdoor fireplace


  • Pure stainless steel – not weatherproof. Keep it under cover, and if possible, in a shelter if not in use for multiple months as otherwise it will rust.

5. Blumfeldt Flame Locker Fireplace – Best luxury chiminea

blumfeldt Flame Locker Fireplace Garden Fireplace
  • Vintage styled
  • Large fire area
  • Removable ash pan
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If only the very best will do, then we offer you the Blumfelt Flame Locker Fireplace, which is related to a Chiminea in the same way we are related to the Queen.

We grew up and were born in the same country, so there’s a chance that one of our ancestors served one of her ancestors a pint.

But you know what, if you are looking for an outdoor fireplace that will last you for years and that everyone will comment on when they sit in your patio, this is it.

Made of 1.2mm thick sheets of steel, this garden stove has been artificially rusted for that warm rustic vintage charm that is hard to buy.

And whilst you might think this is all purely decorative, the inner fire bowl sits at an impressive 58×30 cm, allowing you to have an old-fashioned campfire size flames, whilst the wooden grate and removable ash-pans makes it easy to clean and maintain after the fact.

It stands around 100cm tall, including the little chimney at the top, and takes the space of a medium size chest of drawers – perfect if you have an open wall to your outdoor sofas and loungers.

Better yet, those two large front doors will allow everyone to enjoy those beautiful flames, safely.


  • Rustic stylish charm to add a touch of luxury to your garden
    66cm x 33cm x 100cm measurements makes this impressive but not oppressive
  • Large wide grates allows for great airflow
  • Large fire bowl allows for larger flames
  • Provides lots of even heat even on the coldest of night
  • Ash boxes makes it easy to clean afterwards
  • Large Non-Tilting base


  • You are paying for the style
  • Rusted look makes it more forgiving than most Chimineas for care, but you will still need to get a cover

6. La Hacienda Murcia Chimenea – Large – Best cheap chiminea

La Hacienda Murcia Chimenea (Large)
  • Steel, stylish design
  • Contains BBQ Grill
  • Wood burning stove
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When we talk about ‘cheap chimineas’ we, of course, know that price is all relative. Here’s the thing though, you can’t go super cheap with a Chiminea, because it will break, rust, distort or crumble after a couple of burns.

If you are looking for a cost effective way of lighting a fire in your garden, we’d suggest you head over to our see our best garden fire pits instead.

That said, the Hacienda Murcia Chimenea is cheaper than the rest of these outdoor fire chimineas on our list. And it ticks all the right boxes.

You get that classic look and style that is just stunning for any garden party. At 107cm is stands tall and steady on 3 legs. It even comes with a BBQ grill, rain lid and a poker.

The caveat here is that this is a large steel wood-burner painted in black with heat resistant paint.

That means that where possible, you will need to tuck this away in a shed or garage to avoid paint flecking or weathering.

But as a wood burning Chiminea, this little beauty truly provides you with everything you need, including a large wide-open mesh to allows you to enjoy all the beauty of the fire, with none of the smoke.


  • For the price you get the whole package
  • A Chiminea with grill that is larger enough to feed 3 to 4 people
  • Classic style and design
  • Thick steel means it won’t warp in the heat
  • Stands tall at 107cm and provides 360 heat


  • Heat resistant paint may flake if left out in all weather. Store it away when not in use, or be prepare to re-paint come springtime.

What’s best to burn in a chiminea?

The best fuel for Chimineas are wood, coal or charcoal. We would not recommend you burn garden waste, but anything you’d put in your own fireplace indoors will happily sit in your Chiminea

Do you leave the top on a chiminea?

No. The top is there to prevent rain or water getting into your Chiminea. When in use, the top should be left open to allow for better airflow for the flames.

Which is better fire pit or chiminea?

That is down to taste and wallet. As a whole you can fire cheap fire pit bowls that will do the job – create a safe flame in your garden. If you are looking for something with a little more class, and the safety of a mesh door protecting you from the flame, then a Chiminea is for you.

What’s the best type of chiminea?

That depends on your taste, but Chiminea purists will tell you that an outdoor clay chiminea is the only real type of chiminea around.

However, they require a lot of care, curing and seasoning, and are not for you if you just casually want to burn some logs a few evenings a year.

Generally cast-iron chimineas will last you longer, but modern steel chimineas look beautiful and can last years as long as you are willing to protect them from the weather.

Check out our Cast Iron Chimineas vs Clay Chimineas post where we tackle the pros and cons of each.

What’s the point of a chiminea?

What’s the point of a chimney indoors? With electric heating, why do we need an outmoded form of victorian heating?

The same can be said of a Chiminea, which is basically an outdoor fireplace for your garden. It allows you a safe way to contain and enjoy an open fire in the cold outdoors, without having to rely on ugly propane gas heaters.

How long do chiminea last?

How long is a piece of string? Even the cheapest chimineas, if they are taken care of, can last you a decade or more, although cast iron ones will tend to have a longer life than steel or aluminium.

Don’t forget that these garden chimneys have to take a lot of heat within a small container – much like a BBQ you need to maintain them to get them to last.

And don’t believe people who say that the Chiminea topper is enough to stop the rain getting in. If you want to get it to last for more than one season, buy a waterproof cover or store it away between uses.

Will a chiminea keep you warm?

If you’ve ever stood next to an open fire, you’ll know that you can get some pretty powerful flames out of wood and charcoal.

That said because of their structure and nature, outdoor fire Chimineas tend to be better for Spring to Autumn depending on where you live. They will not heat up a large open garden, but will create a whole load of heat in a sheltered patio or garden.

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