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Best Fire Pits

Best Fire Pits 2021

Heat up your garden with the warm glow of a fire pit, as we count down the best ones
Outdoor Heating Ideas

Outdoor Heating Ideas

There's more ways to keep warm outdoors than you might think, take a look at what we found

Best Patio Heaters 2023 For Extra Warmth Outdoors

Garden patio heaters are a must if you want to make the most of your outdoor space when the evenings cool down. But with so many different types, what's the best of the best? And where do you even begin in picking outdoor patio heaters?That's where we come in. We...

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Outdoor Portable Heaters

The Best Portable Outdoor Heaters

The best portable outdoor heaters should be:Compact Have a space-saving design Be easy to carry Have an adjustable thermostat for comfortable warmth depending...

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We are a husband and wife team who enjoy spending time outside with our family, dog and friends. After doing some research on ways to heat our garden we couldn't find everything we needed. So in good old-fashioned entrepreneurial style we decided to create this website dedicated to help others, like you, find the right kind of outdoor & garden heating ideas, so you too can enjoy your at home sanctuary all year round.